Developer : Upper Seti Hydro  Pvt. Ltd
Project : Upper Seti Hydro Power Project
District : Kaski
Location of Project Site : Machhapuchchhre Rural Municipality
Water Source : Seti River  
Type of Scheme : Run of the River
Installed Capacity : 20,000KW
Gross head : 191m
Rated Design head : 182.54 m
Design Discharge : 12.41m3/s
Catchment Area at Intake Site : 183.35 km² ( Seti intake 155.81 km² and Sadhu Intake)
Head works : D-shaped, Low Pressure
Intake crest Level : EL 1745 amsl
Penstock Pipe : Circular and High Pressure
Pipe Material : Steel 
Length : 428.8m
Powerhouse  : Semi Surface  (35.20.00m x12.26m* 25.27mm) 
Tailrace : Box Culvert, 185m
Turbine     : Francis Turbine Vertical axis 
Access Road : New Road Under Construction from Kharapani to Jimerbari 6 Km, Jimerbari to Headworks 5 Km, Power House to Surge tank Inlet Portal 1.7m
Transmission : 16km, 132kV Single Circuit    
Interconnection/Metering Point : Purposed Lahachowk substation.
Average annual energy after outage.  : 16.41 GWh for Dry season, and 88.91Gwh wet season.
COD/Commissioned date : 2077  Purposed
Rate per unit of energy : PPA is yet to conclude. Most Probably Rs 4.80 for wet season and Rs 8.40 for dry season.
Annual Revenue : Rs 53 Crore, 63 Lakh, 81 Thousand, 400.
Project Cost without IDC : Nrs 2602.05 Million Projected It may vary as actual cost will solely depend on project completion time.
Total Cost at Commissioning : Rs 3717.21 Million